My cheapo snow shoes starting falling apart and the end of last winter so this year I decided to try and rehabilitate them instead of buying new ones.  The frames and bindings were still fine–it’s just the webbing that starting cracking and falling apart–so I thought I would try and make new webbings out of leather.

I didn’t have any large pieces of leather big enough to cut new patterns out of the old pieces, but I did have some long skinny pieces I could cut into strips. I decided to make the webbings in a basket weave pattern behind the bindings and use small pieces at the heel and toe, all glued and rivetted with hand peened copper rivets for reinforcement.  I finished the leather with a beeswax/citrus thinner finish made for wood finishing but it seems to work well on leather as well.

I only used them a couple times since finishing them but they work as well as ever and seem to be holding up well.  They also look a lot cooler than the old vinyl webbing too!

Leather Snow Shoes
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