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I was recently asked to create a “yarn bowl” which I had never heard of before. It’s a bowl with a slot/hole for yarn to go through and keeps your ball of yarn from moving around while knitting. Sometimes there are extra holes for your knitting needles to be inserted into when you are done knitting as a holder and to keep your work from sliding off if you are in the middle of a project. Since I made that first one I had a request for another and decided to do two and offer the third for sale as well. Since these are not eating bowls I was able to use a couple bowls that ended up having cracked knots in the wall of the bowl. American Elm seems to have a lot of hidden knots in it!

If you are interested in this bowl (and are local to PEI) leave a comment and we can arrange payment and pickup. This bowl will go for $50 (CAD) for local pickup. I will also be putting it on my etsy page as well.

Yarn Bowls

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