Made my first quaich yesterday! It is 4.5″ in diameter and made from American elm (which was taken from one of the trees that were removed from the City of Charlottetown this winter due to Dutch elm disease) on my pole lathe. It is a little rough, and needs to be touched up when completely dry but I think I like it. The lugs are a little short, but then again I was just going to turn a regular bowl first and decided to try a quaich after I had roughed out most of the bowl blank.

I was a little worried that the wood was too dry–I had collected this wood the end of April and this particular piece was a small offcut cut about a month ago–but I was able to turn although the wood was pretty hard and did heat the hook tool up a bit due to friction. I enjoyed the process of making this and will definitely try making some more!

American elm Quaich
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