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This is a handmade Nordic style knife; it was leuku/puukko inspired. The blade is a Mora 6″ high carbon steel blade with a flat or scandi grind and is 3/32″ thick. The blade was the only portion not handmade.

The handle is made from stacked white birch bark which was sustainably harvested. The birch bark handle was hand sanded smooth and treated with 5 layers of hemp oil and lightly buffed with beeswax. The brass bolsters are made from a salvaged piece of brass rod which was used as a mechanics punch and are 1″ in diameter and still show some work marks.

The sheath is made from heavy tool leather, hand stitched and molded around a wooden insert for the blade. It features one seam on the back of the sheath and a hand made D ring and belt loop which allows this longish knife to dangle freely which helps keep the sheathed knife from jabbing you when sitting. The leather was treated and buffed with beeswax and hemp oil.

I have one or two more knives to make this summer for other people and I think I may customize a knife or two I own now and make sheaths for them too.

Video of the making of the knife and sheath:

Custom Leuku/Puukko Knife

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